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Introduction Insta360 Flow – the AI Tracking Smartphone Gimbal

Meet the Insta360 Flow, a 3-axis camera stabilizer that automatically recognizes subjects, can track subjects and features a tripod and selfie stick. The Insta360 Flow can be connected to your phone with ease using the Insta360 app. They use the same app for this that they use for the cameras, this means there is only 1 app you need to install.

Unparalleled stabilization and AI tracking.

Thanks to AI tracking and 3-axis stabilization, the Insta360 Flow makes it effortless to make your creative vision effortless. From running and biking to walking around town, with the Insta360 Flow stabilization, you’re guaranteed jerk-free images. The Flow can stabilize the image in any scenario such as filming in low light, zooming in on the image and even running next to a subject/person.

Flow’s stabilization and convenient handheld design also means that creators are not limited to simply setting up the device in a stationary position to track themselves. Creators can take Flow wherever their inspiration strikes, and always be assured of perfectly stable shots. Simply raise the Flow’s tripod from the bottom and start shooting immediately.


Insta360 Flow

Deeptrack 3.0

Flow’s gimbal design, combined with Insta360’s industry-leading AI tracking technology Deep Track 3.0, enables Flow to track subjects in real time, rotate to track subject movement and automatically zoom in shots. Deep Track 3.0’s unparalleled precision is due to unique technical advantages:

  • More Accurate: Person Re-Identification to keep tracking the same person throughout a recording even if they are out of sight and All-Angle Tracking to keep tracking progress as the subject’s shape changes.
  • More Versatile: Zoom Tracking, Slow Motion Tracking and even Live Mode for tracking while video calling or live streaming in another app like FaceTime, Instagram and TikTok.
  • More reliable: Tracking Recovery for when a subject moves out of focus. The Flow automatically tracks the subject’s movement and will instantly recognize the subject the moment it reappears (for example, from behind a tree).

The Deeptrack also offers hotkey options through the gimbal, so you can straighten the image with the push of a button. Depending on the key, the image will change:

  • Press 1 time on the back to start the Deeptrack with the people in view.
  • Press 2 times on the back to make the camera center again.
  • Press the back button 3 times to flip the camera to film yourself.

The all-in-one smartphone content creation tool

Prioritizing portability and versatility, Flow is the only smartphone stabilizer that combines all of a creator’s indispensable shooting tools in one device for on-the-go:

  • Selfie stick: Flow can be stretched to 215 mm for better selfies and cinematic low angle shots.
  • Tripod: Extendable from the handle, so creators can set up Flow to film themselves or capture a creative effect, such as a motion timelapse or 360 photo.
  • Powerbank: Flow’s best-in-class 2900mAh battery can charge a smartphone while shooting, so you don’t have to stop to recharge your phone.


Insta360 Flow

Built-in cold shoe

Got a loose microphone adapter or need a light when filming? No problem with the coldshoe on the gimbal. Add a microphone receiver for enhanced audio without additional accessories. Through the arm of the gimbal, the accessory connects to the cold shoe and can be connected directly to the phone.

Insta360 Flow in pocket

Fast filming with the magnetic phone clamp

Flow unfolds in just one motion thanks to 1-step quick deployment. Simply attach your phone via the magnetic phone clamp, unfold the gimbal and you’re ready to start filming. On iPhones, the Insta360 app Flow will detect when it is attached and send a notification to open the Insta360 app and connect.

The magnetic clamp can be pre-connected to the phone and simply connects to the gimbal thanks to magnets. The orientation of the clamp is quick and easy to see as it can only be connected in two ways.

Insta360 Flow

Fast, easy and smooth filming.

For creators who want to take the wheel with complete creative control, Flow offers just that. The SmartWheel features a minimalist design that gives creators quick and easy access to a host of useful functions, from recording controls to video playback and more. A swipe of the wheel switches between four main modes: Auto, Follow, Pan Follow and FPV.

Unique to Flow is Auto mode, which automatically adjusts gimbal settings based on the user’s movements for guaranteed shake-free shooting, perfect for beginners. For more adventurous creators, FPV mode can be used to rotate your smartphone and simulate FPV drone-like movements, such as a barrel roll.


Insta360 Flow

Unlock creative inspiration and effects

Flow also helps creators with AI-powered shooting and editing tools in the Insta360 app. Not sure how to compose a shot? Give a voice command and Shot Genie will recommend video templates based on the scene. There are more than 80 templates available to follow, from filming at the beach to a busy cityscape. For example, if you’ve shot a quick action shot on a vehicle, use the ‘Action’ template for quick changes and highlights on the action.

The Flow features the following modes for filming exceptional videos:

Hoop Mode: is a first of its kind mode for basketball fans. Set Flow to record a match or game and the AI follows the basketball and hoop to recognize when a score is made, saving the highlights as individual clips for easy editing in a reel later. This allows you to quickly capture highlights after a game! Especially useful to place the gimbal on the sideline and then play along with the AI tracking.

Panorama: Simply turn off the tripod and Flow creates an immersive panorama in 360°, 240°, 180° or 3×3 grid format. Flow is the first smartphone stabilizer that can take 360 photos. You simply set the Flow down, put it on panorama mode and activate the shot, The Flow itself will rotate the camera on its axis for a beautiful and stable panorama photo.

TimeShift: Film a hyperlapse with stabilized, accelerated images over a period of time, great for hiking or traveling. Afterwards, you can then review the images in an accelerated manner and slow down at points you want to pay attention to.

Motion Timelapse: Set Flow to a fixed location and specify 2 points. Flow will film between the two points over a period of time for a dynamic timelapse. For example, think of fast moving cars with movement from top to bottom as the cars shoot by like streaks of light.

Dolly Zoom: Create this classic Hollywood effect at the touch of a button, ideal for zooming in and out on a subject. The background will move closer or farther away from the subject. See the video below for an example.


An all in one, stabilizer for smartphones

With the Insta360 Flow, you can always and easily take film and videos that are stable and sharp with a device that fits in your pocket. Plus, you can charge your phone and connect other accessories at the same time! Flow’s 12-hour battery life means it can last all day without charging. When the day is over, creators can use FlashCut to assemble their video clips to the beat of music, with seamless transitions and effects.


Weight Gimbal: ~369 gr. (13oz)

Magnetic Phone mount: 32 gr. (1.1oz)

Size (W x H x D) Folded: 79.6×162.1x36mm (3.1×6.4×1.4in)

Unfolded: 73.6×269.4×69.9mm (2.9×10.6×2.8in)

Compatible phone thickness
6.9-10mm (0.3-0.4in)
Compatible phone width
64-84mm (2.5-3.3in)
Compatible phone weight
130-300 gr (4.6-10.6oz)
Compatible phone systems iOS phones:

Compatible with iOS mobile devices with chips A11 or higher and iOS version 11.0 or higher, including iPhone SE 2, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 mini.

Android devices:

Compatible with Android mobile devices that meet the following capabilities, including:

– Android devices with Kirin 980 and higher chips, including Huawei Mate 20, P30 or newer models.

– Android devices with Snapdragon 845 and higher chips, including Samsung Galaxy S9, Xiaomi Mi 8 or newer models.

– Android devices with Exynos 9810 and higher chips, including Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, Note9 and newer models.

– Android devices with Tensor chips, including Google Pixel 6.


1. View the PDF at this link (from the insta360 website) for all supported phones Compatible Phone list Insta360 Flow 2023

Build-in selfiestick length
215mm (8.5in)
Build-in selfiestick Size
Extended Length: 80mm (3.1in)

Extended Diameter: 187.6mm (7.4in)

Battery capacity 2900mAh
12 hours

*Tested under room temperature conditions (25℃/77°F), with the gimbal fully balanced and placed on a flat surface.

2 hours (5V/2A)
Charge temperature
0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
-10℃ to 40℃ (14°F to 104°F)
Mechanic range
Pan: -230° to 100°

Roll: -150° to 180°

Tilt: -100° to 82°

Max turn speed
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0



In the box:

1x Insta360 Flow – Gray

1x Protective pouch (storage pouch)

1x Magnetic phone clamp

1x Grip Cover

1x Type-C to A charging cable




Insta360 Flow - AI Tracking Gimbal - Grey


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